Bluewhale Shipping Agency

Bluewhale Shipping Agency has been formed to cater to the shipping and logistics services under one roof with personal care. These would be provided under the guidance and supervision of professionals who have valued experience of 16 plus years. The company is reliable and specializes in shipping, freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation, warehousing and air-cargo. It will provide value added logistics solutions to the client as per their needs.

Customs Clearance

We provide facilities like online filing of papers with customs through EDI. We offer a wide range of custom clearance services that include for both Export & Import :

  • Liaison with all regulatory agents, council to deal with all types of cargo.
  • Advice on all modes of transportation-surface, sea and air.
  • Arranging of storage in clearance stage, movement of goods.
  • Coordinating between warehouse statutory authority and the shipping line.
  • Speedy transaction of all custom formalities and obtaining all required certificates.

Air Freight

The punctuality is the most essential key point for our clients while dealing with air cargo. We take the most care to satisfy our customer’s needs to transport the cargo to the desired destinations safely.
Our relationship with all airlines is maintained closely to provide the best services to our clients. Our specialists have many years of experience in the area of air cargo shipments.

Transportation Road

We are capable of arranging pick up and delivery of goods to/from anywhere in India. Our truckers have the ability to handle all types of goods and are aware of the safety and importance of the clients cargo. Our hi-tech communications technology helps us to monitor all cargo movement in transit to plan our schedule accordingly. We are also equipped with good support team who take quick decisions in case of any technical snag or delay. Last but not the least, the customer is always updated about the cargo on demand about the progress of shipment.


Our warehouse facilities, our partners and clients are able to effectively manage their inventory without being constrained by limited space at their factories or manufacturing sites. This allows our customers to store products until needed or until the full shipment is ready to be dispatched to their international customers.

Freight Forwarding Sea

We have good reputation with leading shipping lines operating out of Kolkata port and are competent to negotiate the least possible ocean freight for FCL cargo. For LCL cargo we have good deals with our co-loaders to provide flawless service to our clients at the best rate.